About Jana

As a child, I was excited and ready to embrace the possibilities of the future. With big and inspiring dreams, I believed that I could be whatever and whomever I chose to be.

After graduating from college, I spent 33 years in advertising sales and remained ambitious and goal-driven. I worked in local and national radio sales in San Francisco, Los Angeles and New York. My ultimate goal was to lead a large radio national sales division. This dream came true when I was named President of CBS Radio Sales, running a sales division of 40 people with 10 offices and generating well over $300 million in revenue.

My greatest achievement was training and developing people to be successful in sales and management. I also loved the opportunities to be strategic and forward thinking.


The Impact of Work

I also faced many challenges - demanding work, an evolving industry that was facing challenges, clients that were in transition and changing strategy and tactics.  I also was dealing with the pressure that I put on myself and trying to control things that were not in my control.

I believed that if I just worked harder and more hours that I could fix all of the challenges.  I was working 12+ hours a day and my life was all about work. This belief took a toll on me physically, emotionally, and mentally. I was not living the life of my dreams.  

There had to be something more but I didn't know how to find it.  I was afraid to get off the Habitrail of my career.  I was afraid that I would fail in the next chapter of my life.  

Road to Success

I left my job in 2021 and returned to California after living in New York. After that, I reconnected with friends and family, traveled, and worked on my Coaching Credential from IPEC.  Why Coaching?  Because that is what I loved most in my previous work – supporting and helping people on my team to become leaders and be successful.

Crafting and honing my coaching skills has also enabled me to redefine the meaning of success. I have learned that it is my own mind or thoughts that get in the way of achieving my goals. Having the support of a coach also helped me unlock doors that were preventing me from achieving my dreams.

I no longer judge things as success or failure, but simply as an opportunity to learn and grow. On top of that, I also have a deeper understanding of how I have control over what I project to others.

Today, I am living my dream of running my own business, traveling, learning, spending time with people I love, and just being present.